ACC Poll Results: Another Take on STEMI During the Pandemic

Given anecdotal and published reports of decreased STEMI presentations in the face of COVID – 19 infection, a recent Poll investigated US respondents assessment of STEMI numbers and extended the question to better understand suspected reasons for the reduced numbers of STEMIO presentations.

  • Overall there were just at 500 responses to the two questions:
    • Have you noted a decline in STEMI and NSTEMI admissions to your hospitals?
    • If reports of fewer STEMI and NSTEMI cases are confirmed, what is the most likely reason?
  • 6% noted no change, 23% noted a <50% decline while over 50% of respondents thought there had been more than a 50% decline, including 15% who noted their hospital was seeing no MIs.
  • Regards reasons for the decline – 50% thought the issue was under-recognition due to delayed presentations.
  • About 18% thought the decline was the result of patients going to smaller, less crowded hospitals.
  • 32% of respondents thought the reduction was secondary to less events due to less job stress with shelter in place orders.
  • The findings of lower hospital STEMI events seems broad-based including reports from Europe and the USA, while the reasons are less clear but likely relate to patients not seeking appropriate care – a challenge that needs significant public education