CMS Recommendations Re-opening Facilities to Provide Non-emergent Non-COVID-19 Healthcare: Phase I

On April 17, CMS announced a plan to begin allowing the elective procedures resume. Below is a brief summary of the requirements.

  • States or Regions must meet “Gating Criteria”
    • A lowering trend in flu-like illnesses, COVID – 19 Cases/or positive test numbers percentages during a 14 day period.
    • An effective COVID – 19 testing program for potentially exposed healthcare workers.
  • Reopening Facilities will require.
    • Testing equipment.
    • Appropriate numbers of workforce for the care of patients.
    • Sufficient PPE.
    • Being prepared for a potential surge in COVID – 19 Cases.
  • Optimal strategy is to have hospitals establish COVID Free Units (“non-COVID Care (NCC) zones”)
    • Staff only work in these areas (No cross rounding between COVID – 19 Patients or units and NCC area.
    • Such units will require strict screening for patients before entry and for staff.
    • Screening emphasizes clinical assessment for recent symptoms and fever.