COVID-19 pandemic and cardiac imaging: EACVI recommendations on precautions, indications, prioritization, and protection for patients and healthcare personnel

Skulstad H, Cosyns B, Popescu BA, et. al. European Heart Journal – Cardiovascular Imaging (2020) 0, 1–7 doi:10.1093/ehjci/jeaa072

Key Points (For patients with suspected or confirmed COVID – 19 Infection)

  • Target studies to cases in which an imaging test can provide clinically important management information using the most appropriate modality to obtain the needed information.
  • Recognize and assess the risk of a study to personnel or equipment relative to the contamination of personnel and/or other patients related to transportation.
  • Appropriate personnel protective practices and thorough and complete equipment cleaning between cases are critical for ultimate safety.
  • Consider Bedside echocardiography (including POCUS) with limited/focused studies to answer the specific question being addressed. TEE high risk for personnel exposure – consider alternative imaging modalities.
  • Chest CT with modifications can be useful for multiple evaluations; pneumonia and coronary anatomy.
  • Left ventricular can be assessed during coronary angiography.
  • CMR for myocardial metabolic functional evaluation – particularly assessing myocarditis is an important to modality.