Poll Results: COVID-19 Hypercoagulable Complications

George W. Vetrovec, MD, MACC. Poll Results: COVID-19 Hypercoagulable Complications – American College of Cardiology

Lax SF, Skok K, Zechner P, et al. Pulmonary Arterial Thrombosis in COVID-19 With Fatal Outcome: Results From a Prospective, Single- Center, Clinicopathologic Case Series. Ann Intern Med 2020;May 14:[Epub ahead of print].

Paranjpe I, Fuster V, Lala A, et al. Association of Treatment Dose Anticoagulation With In-Hospital Survival Among Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19. J Am Coll Cardiol  2020;May 5:[Epub ahead of print].

Background: In a recent Poll on the questions related to coagulation abnormalities in COVID – 19 patients. As noted, most respondents use anticoagulation in COVID – 19 patients. In order of risk pulmonary emboli was the highest including both in-situ and traditional embolic events.


Key Points:


  • Baseline coagulation profiles are often abnormal.
  • Thrombotic events appear common
  • Pulmonary emboli appear most common.
  • Prophylactic anticoagulants may reduce the risk of thrombotic events.
  • Paranjpe et al. reported significantly reduced mortality for ventilated patients with COVID-19 on anticoagulants (29.1%) versus 62.7% for those not receiving anticoagulation.
  • Individualized decisions are important to minimize bleeding complications