Poll Results: Updating CV Management in the Face of COVID-19: Decisions About a Return to Normalcy

Vetrovec GW. Interventional Section online 5/13/2020

Key Points:

Attached Poll addressed “returning to Normal” for in and outpatient cardiovascular care.

Relative to in-patient STEMI Management, fewer than 8% are using thrombolytics as a primary treatment of STEMI and the remainder are using or continuing Primary PCI (over 60%) while one third are still making decisions on a case by case basis.

Regards outpatient management, roughly two-thirds favored beginning testing with the majority including invasive testing in the plan. One third were still awaiting COVID – 19 numbers before proceeding.

The time frame for this poll was the past two weeks so a current poll might be somewhat more progressive.

Overall the results are favorable for a move to normalcy.