SCAI Every Second Still Counts

SCAI Every Second Still Counts


The SCAI has created patient education campaigns over the years, responding to contemporary public educational issues at critical times, particularly focusing on the signs of heart attack and stroke.

Given the current, well documented patient concerns leading to a 40 + % decline in acute myocardial infarction presentations with still to be fully documented consequences of survival and late heart failure the SCAI has launched a current fact sheet for patients with guidance for practitioners to reassure patients of the safety and importance of seeking scheduled and urgent medical events.

Key Points:

  • Results of an SCAI survey shows significant population concern about the risk of going to the hospital in the setting of corona virus.
  • The SCAI Seconds Still Count survey from a national sample of 1,068 persons over age 30 with a 95% confidence level and a margin of error +
  • Survey results show the following COVOD – 19 concerns:
    • Going to the hospital is riskier – 36%, than a hair salon – 27% or going to the beach – 16%.
    • 61% of respondents believed that going to the hospital will likely result in a COVID – 19 infection.
    • “Half of respondents are more afraid of contracting COVID – 19 than experiencing a heart attack or stroke” including 52% of persons over age 60 being more afraid of contracting COVID than a heart attack – 23% or a stroke – 25%.
  • In response, the SCAI has developed a fact sheet for patients and a summary of hospital safety and patient guidelines in an attempt to reduce patient risk associated with failure to seek prompt medical attention.

Editorial Note:

  • The SCAI on-line and print information is an excellent resource for patients and doctors to educate.
  • The patient fear is not unexpected – an unintended consequence of shelter in place orders attempting to limit the spread of Coronavirus.