Song Li, MD


Director of Cardiogenic Shock

University / Hospital Affiliation

Medical City Healthcare

Manuscripts & Publications

Phenotyping Cardiogenic Shock

Using machine learning, we identified and validated 3 distinct CS phenotypes, with specific and reproducible associations with mortality. These phenotypes may allow for targeted patient enrollment in clinical trials and foster development of tailored treatment strategies in subsets of patients with CS.

Criteria for Defining Stages of Cardiogenic Shock Severity

We report a novel approach to define SCAI stages and identify a significant association between baseline and maximum stage and mortality. This approach may improve clinical application of the staging system and provides new insight into the trajectory of hospitalized CS patients.

Clinical Presentation and In-Hospital Trajectory of Heart Failure and Cardiogenic Shock

In a large contemporary HF-CS cohort, we identified a greater incidence of in-hospital death and cardiac arrest as well as a more rapid escalation to maximum SCAI stage severity among DNHF-CS. AMCS use in HF-CS was common, with significant heterogeneity among device types.