August 28, 2024

The Skyline London

100 Minories
London EC3N 1JY, United Kingdom

6:00 p.m.

Welcome Dinner & Networking Event

The Skyline London
Cocktail Reception: 6:00 p.m.
Dinner: 7:00 p.m.

August 29, 2024

Hilton London Bankside

2-8 Great Suffolk Street
London SE1 0UG, United Kingdom

Virtual: Access link will be provided to registered attendees via email
All meeting times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Time: TBD

Breakfast & Check-in

Check-in & Breakfast Location: OXBO Bankside
Symposium Location: Bankside Ballroom

Session I

Preclinical & Basic Science

8:00-9:35 a.m.

Panelists: Kiyotake Ishikawa, MD, PhD (Mount Sinai, USA), Arvind Bhimaraj, MD (Houston Methodist Hospital, USA), Kenji Sunagawa, MD, PhD (Kyushu Univ, Japan), Lija Swain, PhD (Tufts Medical Center, USA), Dr. Med. L. Christian Napp (Hannover Medical School, Germany)

7:45-8:00 a.m.

Special Lecture
Dan Burkhoff, MD, PhD (Cardiovascular Research Foundation, USA)

The State of the Field of Unloading: Annual Update

8:00-8:12 a.m.

Dan Burkhoff, MD, PhD (Cardiovascular Research Foundation, USA)

Unloading Mitigates Microvascular Obstruction in an AMI Model

8:12-8:24 a.m.

Rohit Ramchandra, PhD (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

The use of Impella in cardiogenic shock decreases directly recorded cardiac sympathetic nerve activity and improves coronary blood flow.

8:24-8:36 a.m.

Young Investigator Award
Hidetaka Morita, MD (NCVC Osaka, Japan)

Automated Impella Optimized Unloading System adjusts stable LV unloading over 24 hrs with maintaining systemic perfusion in a goat model of cardiogenic shock

8:36-8:48 a.m.

Best in Research Award
Muthu Kumar Krishnamoorthi (DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, USA)

Temporary mechanical circulatory support in cardiogenic shock patients bridged to cardiac replacement modulates fibrosis and inflammation

8:48-9:00 a.m.

Manreet Kanwar, MD (Allegheny General Hospital, USA)

Integrating molecular and clinical variables to predict myocardial recovery

9:00-9:12 a.m.

Kimberly Lamberti (PhD Candidate - Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA)

Abstract Selected: Differential Effects of Ecpella and VA-ECMO on Right and Left Ventricular Function

9:12-9:24 a.m.

Michael Brener, MD, MS (Cardiovascular Medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA)

Abstract Selected: Right Ventricular Pressure and Volume Changes in Patients with Percutaneous and Durable Left Ventricular Unloading Devices

9:24-9:45 a.m.

Open Floor Discussion

9:35-9:45 a.m.


9:45-10:10 a.m.

Keynote Lecture
Dr. Med. Jacob Møller (Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark)
Manreet Kanwar, MD (Allegheny General Hospital, USA)

DanGer Shock Trial Results and Lessons Learned

10:10-10:20 a.m.

Discussion Moderators:

Navin Kapur, MD (Tufts Medical Center, USA)
Ryan Tedford, MD (Medical University South Carolina)
Prof. Dr. Med. Andreas Schäfer (Hannover Medical School, Germany)

Open Floor Discussion

Session II

Progressing the field of Unloading in Cardiogenic Shock

10:20-11:45 a.m.

Panelists: Jeff Moses, MD (Columbia University, USA), Bill O’Neill, MD (Henry Ford Hospital, USA), Prof. Dr. Med. Patrick Hunziker (University Hospital Basel, Switzerland), Jonathan Hill, MD (Royal Brompton Hospital, UK), Debbie Rinde-Hoffman, MD (Tampa General Hospital, USA) Dr. Song Li (Medical City Healthcare, USA)

10:20-10:32 a.m.

Fatimah Alkhunaizi, MD (Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA)

Abstract Selected: Mechano-ino-chronotropic Unloading in Cardiogenic Shock Due to Acute Myocardial Infarction – Hemodynamic Insights from Simulation Modeling

10:32-10:44 a.m.

Tim Balthazar (Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, Belgium)

Abstract Selected: Feasibility of combined mechanical and pharmacological unloading in cardiogenic shock

10:44-10:56 a.m.

Navin Kapur, MD (Tufts Medical Center, USA)

Limb Ischemia Mitigation

10:56-11:08 a.m.

Marina Pieri, MD (San Raffaele Hospital, Italy)

Abstract Selected: Prolonged Impella 5.0/5.5 support: pathways of care for cardiogenic shock and native heart recovery prognostication

11:08-11:20 a.m.

Babar Basir, DO (Henry Ford Health System, USA)

Pulsatility Index in Shock

11:20-11:32 a.m.

Andy Shaw, MD (The Cleveland Clinic, USA)

POQI Consenus statement author. Implications of DanGer and Impella in CGS

11:32-11:45 a.m.

Open Floor Discussion

11:45 -2:00 p.m.
Lunch & Live Poster Session

Lunch -11:45-12:30 p.m.
The Distillery

Poster Session -12:30 - 2:00 p.m.
Ballroom Terrace

* Poster presenters are asked to stand by their posters for the duration of the poster session

Session III

Unloading in the Surgical Space

2:00-3:10 p.m.

Panelists: Prof. Dr. Med. Hermann Reichenspurner (University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany), Prof. Dr. Med. Alex Bernhardt (University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany), Robert Dowling, MD (Christ Hospital, USA) Prof. Dr. Med. Bart Meyns (KU Leuven, Belgium)

2:00-2:12 p.m.

Dr. Med. Mehmet Oezkur (Universitätsklinikum Halle, Germany)

Abstract Selected: Off-pump Coronary Bypass Supported with Microaxial Flow Pump Device

2:12-2:24 p.m.

To Be Determined

To Be Determined

2:24-2:36 p.m.

Rene Aleman, MD (Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA)

Abstract Selected: Non-Cardiac Surgery in Advanced, Heart Failure Patients on Impella Support

2:36-2:48 p.m.

Prof. Dr. Med. Hermann Reichenspurner (University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany)

LVAD Removal after unloading: learnings from permenant VADs

2:48-3:00 p.m.

Robert Dowling, MD (Christ Hospital, USA)

Recombinant Erythropoetin Protocol to Avoid Transfusions in Impella 5.5

3:00-3:10 p.m.

Open Floor Discussion

3:10-3:25 p.m.


Session IV

Unloading & Heart Recovery

3:25-4:25 p.m.

Panelists: Jane Wilcox, MD (Northwestern University, USA), Koichiro Kinugawa, MD (University of Toyama, Japan), Claudius Mahr, D.O. (Medical City Dallas, USA)

3:25-3:37 p.m.

Taiji Inamori, MD Saiseikai Kumamo Hospital, Japan

Abstract Selected: Does ECPELLA Improve 180-Day Mortality in Patients with Refractory Cardiac Arrest Who Received E-CPR? A Single-Center Propensity Score Matching Analysis

3:37-3:49 p.m.

Nir Uriel, MD (Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA)

The effects of unloading on on the microcirculation

3:49-4:01 p.m.

Josh Genstler, MD Providence Newberg Medical Center, USA

Abstract Selected: Initiation of Guideline Directed Medical Therapy while on Microaxial Flow Pump Is Associated with Reduced In-Hospital Mortality

4:01-4:13 p.m.

Kanika Mody, MD (Hackensack Medical Center, USA)

Abstract Selected: One year outcomes for Cardiogenic Shock Patients Supported by Impella 5.5

4:13-4:25 p.m.

Open floor Discussion

4:25 p.m.

Closing Comments, Audience Feedback, and Adjourn

5:00-7:00 p.m.

Cocktail Reception & Poster Viewing
Ballroom Terrace & The Distillery