The A-CURE Faculty and network of colleagues are on the front lines of treating COVID-19 patients within hospital systems. The data on treatment and outcomes in these patients is fluid and rapidly evolving.

Current data indicate that 7-16% of COVID-19 patients experience cardiac complications or acute cardiac injury (Link to JACC paper). Further, reports indicate that mortality exceeds 10% in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.

Worldwide, we along with our industry partners understand that some COVID-19 patients are currently being supported with mechanical circulatory support.

In this turbulent environment, there is no clear treatment modality for these patients and the open exchange of data and

experiences will be critical to optimizing patient outcomes.

To facilitate an open exchange, the A-CURE Faculty have established this website section to disseminate the rapidly evolving information available regarding patients in which mechanical support and acute ventricular unloading may be of use. We will exchange clinical data, basic research, and case studies which may help inform decision making to treat.

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The A-CURE Working Group is comprised of leading academic experts in clinical and basic cardiac research that is dedicated to advancing the science and clinical application of acute cardiac unloading.

Understanding the Pressure-Volume Loop

The pressure-volume loop is an excellent way of understanding the science of acute unloading. This video series presented by Khan Academy provides a first-rate source for educating yourself and your students on the hemodynamic information contained in the P-V loop.

Watch more videos on understanding the pressure-volume loop relationship in the heart

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